Every Day That Passes Is Another Dollar Lost

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Escallate’s Revenue Cycle Contact Services will generate results that your statements alone can’t!   Working as an extended business office (EBO) on behalf of your organization, Escallate’s payment reminder calls –  coinciding with the mailing of your statements – will improve your early stage A/R collection results.  And such results may provide you with the opportunity to discontinue one or more of your statements;  that equates to increased cash flow plus savings!

The key to this formula is early, ongoing, person-to-person communication.  Escallate’s payment reminder calls will collect more money for you than statements or letters.  Our in-depth research over the past 7 years, conducted upon collection accounts placed by 500+ clients nationwide, has proven this theory to be true;  see the chart below.   The results from “Calls vs. Statements”:  It’s a trend too important to ignore.


Escallates Revenue Cycle Contact Services

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